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Cask Exhibited at USAFRICOM Industry Day

By Cask

Cask Exhibited at USAFRICOM Industry Day

The United States Africa Commandin partnership with NCSI presented industry partners with the USAFRICOM Industry Day & ISR/Logistics Showcase. Cask joined the Virginia Economic Development Program and more than 80 other companies at the US Africa Command Industry Day and Exhibit. Cask appreciated the opportunity to meet representatives from the command's headquarters, directorates, and components; other Combatant Commands, such as US European Command and US Transportation Command; contracting commands; the Defense Logistics Agency; the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command; and other commercial industries to learn more about the issues the command faces, build relationships, and discuss opportunities to work together. Where:Maritim Hotel in the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle in Stuttgart, Germany When: January 29th - 30th, 2014 About USAFRICOM:This is an opportunity for the organizations structured under USAFRICOM, its partner agencies, and other tenant units on Kelley Barracks and the Stuttgart Area Military Community to gain visibility of commercial capabilities, specifically ISR and distribution/logistics capabilities. USAFRICOM leadership intends to brief industry on their needs and requirements in a forum that allows for information exchange, explanation of USAFRICOM's mission and needs, and attention on the commercial sector's capabilities and innovations.

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