Emergency Response Deployment Kit

Cask support for accelerating and deploying

ServiceNow’s Emergency Response applications



Below is our process guide, Demo of the ServiceNow Emergency Applications, How-To Guide on Installation



PROCESS GUIDE: Emergency Response

This guide will enable you to set up the ServiceNow app properly and begin to respond to an emergency in a pre-planned, standard manner by discussing the three major components necessary for emergency response management:

  • Resource Management
  • Command and Coordination
  • Communications and Information Management



DEMO: Installing ServiceNow Emergency Operations
& Response Applications

Learn how to install ServiceNow's four Emergency Response applications on your instance and modernize your organization's ability to manage efficient communication during emergency situations. 

  • Emergency Outreach
  • Emergency Self-Report
  • Emergency Exposure Management
  • Emergency Response Operation



HOW TO VIDEO: Emergency Outreach App

This application helps your organization stay connected with employees during emergencies through email or mobile push notifications.

Learn how to:

  • Create employee check-in notifications
  • View health status responses
  • Navigate the Emergency Outreach Dashboard

Download the ServiceNow Emergency Outreach App Here


Emergency Outreach aid

Employee Outreach: Job Aid

This Emergency Response Job Aid will give you step by step instructions on how to navigate the Employee Outreach application to successfully notify employees of safety measures, and allow them to self-report health status.


HOW TO VIDEO: Emergency Self Report Application

This application enables employees to self-report their health status and safely return to work when they’re ready.

Learn how to:

  • Update your health status
  • View your employees’ health status and estimated return date
  • Reassign open tasks from an impacted employee

Download the ServiceNow Emergency Self-Report App Here

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Emergency Self-Report: Job Aid

This Emergency Response Job Aid will give you step by step instructions on how to navigate the Employee Self-Report application to successfully enable employees to report quarantine status and confirm the ability to return to work.

HOW TO VIDEO: Emergency Exposure Application

This application quickly identifies employees who might be at risk of being exposed to an infectious disease.

Learn how to:

  • Create and run a new report
  • Add impacted users manually
  • Follow up with impacted users

Download the ServiceNow Emergency Exposure App Here


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Emergency Exposure: Job Aid

This Emergency Response Job Aid will give you step by step instructions on how to navigate the Employee Exposure application to successfully track illness exposure among employees and identify those in the company that could have been exposed.


HOW TO VIDEO: Emergency Response Operations App

This application helps plan and coordinate emergency responses and assign different roles to individuals to support an emergency.

Learn how to:

  • Create a new incident
  • Assign positions and resources
  • Approve and fill pending requests

Download the ServiceNow Emergency Response  App Here


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